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Space in the house is valuable and if it is not taken up with loose furniture or windows, the biggest question is where to put the TV and the media equipment, the books collected over the years, family picture frames or personal ornaments.

A great example of a recent project in a listed apartment in Chelsea London, where wall space was limited although height was not, is this fitted bookcase with raised and fielded panel doors, integrated LED lighting, decorative exterior lights and a hand painted specialist finish.

A bespoke fitted bookcase design allows for a well thought out solution which incorporates all the elements. It can be classical or modern, it can be a statement or disappear into a room, but most important it does what it is suppose to do, hold everything and give it a place.

So next time you have a TV, media equipment, boxes of books, photo frames or you want an integrated surround sound system or simply a place to put the printer consider a bespoke designed cabinet by Goldman and Rankin. 

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