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Sun, sea, sand and sales. Ok, so the first three might be a bit hit and miss when it comes to summer in the UK, but you can always count on the high street to pull out the stops when it comes to the sales.

So why has the British public tightened its purse strings and failed to spend, spend, spend?

The City predicted a 0.3% rise in monthly and annual gains because of retailers’ aggressive price cuts during the summer months. However, the British public failed to respond, and according to the Office for National Statistics, sales volumes only grew a meagre 0.2% in July from the previous month.

Ok, so the numbers are up slightly, but according to the experts, we’re still teetering on the edge of falling back into a recession. Consumer spending makes up two thirds of the economy – and 40% of that comes from retail sales – so with spending sluggish, it’s no wonder a question mark is hanging like a dark cloud over the high street.

So what’s behind our failure to spend? Is it because the price of petrol is so high we refuse to get in our cars and drive to the high street? Is it down to the rising cost of food? Or is it because we’ve finally realised fast consumerism isn’t the way forward?

For years now our high streets have been flooded with cheap goods. In terms of fashion, we can pick up a t-shirt for the price of a pint. And when it comes to furniture, flat-pack is everywhere.

Cast your minds back to the 1990s and you’ll remember the rise of the TV home makeover show. Almost every night it was possible to watch someone’s home being ‘transformed’ by endless amounts of MDF, OTT style statements that would look hideously out of date by next year, and quick fixes that wouldn’t get a C-grade in GCSE Design and Technology. So-called designers would flounce in, change a couple of rooms to their own oddball tastes and flounce out.

Thankfully, the 1990s are long gone, and while there’s still the odd house-makeover programme, they’re usually shoved into a daytime slot. So has the gradual death of the makeover programme made us see sense? Are we shunning the quick fixes, brash designs that date quickly, and cheap mass-made furniture that won’t last longer than a few years?

At Goldman & Rankin we think so. It’s clear to see from the stats that there’s a definite shift in the way we spend, and as a nation we’re much more aware of the environmental factors involved in fast trends.

Consumers are choosing to spend their money more wisely on investment pieces that are built to last and stand the test of time.
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