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Once regarded as an old-fashioned pastime - home baking has made a comeback. Over the past year, a variety of cookbooks on the subject have been released, retailers have reported a rise in sales of baking products, cake is trendy and who doesn’t love "The Great British Bake Off".

Having recently purchased a dozen bespoke cupcakes as a corporate gift from a friend who has a wonderful business at home in Edinburgh called (Lizzie’s Tea Party we discussed what makes a good kitchen for baking, here are our top five kitchen design tips for a bakers kitchen.

  1. Lots of work surface especially if you are running a baking business from home and need to separate family life with work then surface space is what you need, Lizzie loves her Island it gives her the flexibility she needs to bake in multiple areas.
  2. Easy to clean surfaces, choosing the right materials to work on are essential the properties of polished granite or quartz are ideal as they are easy to clean, keep a cool temperature which is ideal for baking and they look great or stainless steel the ultimate in cool, clean hygienic surfaces found in all working kitchens.
  3. Lots of storage for large appliances, blenders, mixers and kitchen aids and other baking equipment and utensils.
  4. A good oven essential to achieve the light fluffy texture of a perfect cupcake.
  5. Great light either natural or artificial good lighting is essential for the decoration of your baking creations.

At Goldman and Rankin all our kitchens are bespoke so if you are a keen baker or like Lizzie thinking of starting a bake from home business we can create your ideal kitchen.

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