Goldman & Rankin is about design and ultimately the positive impact our design has in your home.

It is not about us but about you, it’s about your home and the way you want to live. At Goldman and Rankin our furniture is truly bespoke, our designs are about your needs and the space that you live in. We offer a personal, bespoke service that means we build a relationship with our clients that allows us to fully understand, what it is you’re after. After all, communication is key, and what makes us special is the fact we listen.

We're London-based, and much of our work can be seen in homes around the South East of England, and across the capital. However, we also work further afield and have produced furniture for clients in Scotland, Switzerland and the South of France.

Goldman & Rankin furniture is manufactured in Britain by skilled craftsmen combining traditional and modern techniques, every piece is handcrafted and finished to perfection, we’re proud of our bespoke furniture and look forward to working with you.

Please request a brochure to find out more about how Goldman & Rankin can help you achieve your vision.

“Designing furniture is always a privilege - it means people trust my skill, judgement and knowledge to craft something they'll love for a long time to come."